KBT laboratory


All laboratory researches and tests are performed by a team of certified specialists and confirmed by expert opinions.


Equipment of the KBT laboratory Raw material and spare parts control Testing of the ready done goods Testing of the electrical equipment

Electrical laboratory KBT carries out enter control of the raw materials, tests of the finished goods.

KBT laboratory was created in the KBT factory for the purpose to carry out research and development studies, to solve the problems of keeping the quality of products of the "KBT" trade mark goods. The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary devices and machines for testing.  


The «КВТ» Laboratory is given the permission of the Rostechnadzor to carry out a great deal of tests and measurements. It is registered by the Office of the Federal service for environmental, technological and nuclear supervision. The Lab personnel annually pass certification in Rostechnadzor. .


Expert evaluation

Tests of the KBT heat shrinkable kits
in the laboratory
of ZAO FPK «Kalugaenergoremont».


The KBT laboratory cooperates with accredited research centers and laboratories on certification of the goods and research of new developments. The results of the tests held by the KBT laboratory have been confirmed by independent tests of the Russian Research Institute of the Cable Industry (VNIIKP), test center of high-voltage electrical equipment (FGUP VEI ) and independent stationary electrotechnical laboratory(ZAO FPK «Kalugaenergoremont»).